This is my submission to Trijam #146. The theme was "Fast Food, Fast Dude". 

In this game, you must assemble burgers before they get to the end of the conveyor belt. Click the ingredients and drop them on the plate! If you have too many unhappy customers, "You're Fired!"

My final time for completion was 2:57:25. I created all of the art assets. You streamed myself over the course of 3 work sessions. You can find the streams here:

I used Unity 2020.3, Visual Studio Code, and Aseprite to create this project.

Source Code Available at:

# Attributions

## Theme music:

License: CC-By 3.0

Author: Pheonton


## Splat Sounds:

License: CC0



## Success Sounds / Game Over Music:

License: CC-By 3.0

Author: Little Robot Sound Factory


## Burger Failed Sound

License: CC-By 3.0

Author: ViRiX


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