• Move using normal chess rules
  • Each move must result in a capture
  • If only one piece remains on the board, you win!


Chess Puzzler is a chess puzzle game inspired by Solitaire Chess and was created as a programming exercise for my students. Special thanks to Captain Onosa for inspiring me to create this project.

The majority of this project was written live on stream. You can join us, ask questions, and share your work daily:

Source Code

The source code is available on GitHub:


Chess Sprites created by Lucas312 and acquired via OpenGameArt:

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AuthorCaptain Coder
TagsChess, singleplay


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Thank you for the shout-out, TheCaptainCoder! I was thrilled when I realized you pivoted everything because of my curiosity about Solitaire Chess. That was very fun to see. I look forward to digging into the source code this evening. Oh, and one more thing...