Do not use the Guard mechanic in combat. It can hard lock the game.

Cosmic Encounter

Zooperdan's Cosmic Encounter is an entry for Dungeon Crawler Jam 2024! We chose to implement the theme Cosmic Horror.

Hidden Wall

There is one hidden wall you must find to complete the game: When the time comes, look to the WEST! Best of luck! You can also just see the solution here: LINK

The Story So Far

Zooperdan has finally cracked! Even after convincing hundreds of people to create thousands of Dungeon Crawlers for him, he still isn't satisfied.

One night after binging on thousands of jam entries, Zooperdan finds himself making a cursed deal with Eye Key Uh, the lord of cosmic meatballs. Now, he is on a quest to romp through a cosmic furniture store destroying meatballs, cosmic furniture, and disgruntled employees.


Press the Controls button in the bottom left to configure to your liking. Also, if you prefer instant transition movements, you can select it from the Options menu.


Is the game too easy? Too slow? Too loud? Too annoying? Check the settings. We hopefully have a setting that works for you!

Panic Button

Although we have tested the game and have not been able to find any breaking bugs, it is always a possibility! To help reduce any frustration that might arise, we've provided a PANIC! button that you can use to respawn your party back at the buffet table. This shouldn't result in any loss of progress.


We know that some people might find our game too difficult so we've provided a built in CHEAT button for you that appears if your party is defeated. When you Respawn, you will have an opportunity to cheat and receive the most powerful weapon in the game. Don't hesitate to use it to destroy those pesky meatballs!

Open Source

Much of this project was created live on stream and the full source code is available on GitHub: LINK. If you want to watch more live coding on projects like these, be sure to check us out on twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thecaptaincoder

You can watch the archive of the creation here: LINK


Team Lead / Programmer: The Captain Coder





Music / SFX

TurtleBox and TheCaptainCoder

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AuthorsCaptain Coder, Selgeron, Usagino
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
TagsDungeon Crawler, First-Person, Funny
LinksSource code


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and awesome submission and hilarious game to play on stream, 10/10