Crazy Marble is a 3D Platformer in which you control a marble and must navigate your way through hazardous levels! The difficulty is quite high (sorry about that)! I hope you enjoy it :)

This is a prototype I built to explore using NVIDIA Physics in Unity 3D. It was an absolute blast to implement!

I find the game is best played with a GamePad but you can also play with a keyboard and mouse. You may need to adjust the speed and axis settings in the options menu.

Escape: Open Options Menu
Movement: WASD / GamePad left analog
Boost:  Shift Key / GamePad RB
Jump: Mouse Click / Space / GamePad South
Camera: Right Click Mouse / GamePad right analog
Camera Zoom: Mouse Scroll / GamePad LT/ RT

About Development

Almost the entirety of the development of this project occurred over 12 days which I live streamed. You can find the full live stream here: YouTube Archive

Source Code / Unity project is available here:

Graphical Credits:

All textures were generated using PolyCam:

Music Credits
Title Screen: 
Stage Cleared: River Side Ride by Matthew Pablo
King Tut's Movement: Menu Loops Waltz by Yubatake
King Tut's Boost: Menu Loops Reggae by Yubatake
Tower of Bullying: Simple Serious Electro Loop by qubodup
Stompy's Bridge: Nomogus by Centurion of War
Jumpy's Domain: Invasion by Fato Shadow
Locked Out: Error Management by Richy Mackro
For Aghast: Menu Loops Waltz by Yubatake

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