Flippin' Quick!

Are you a flippin' master?

  • Flip your way through the flippin' stage before time runs out!
  • Kill flippin' skeletons to gain flippin' bonus time!
  • Collect flippin' coins to spend on flippin' upgrades!
  • Watch out for flippin' spikes!

Keyboard Controls

  • A / D - Flip left and right
  • S - Backflip (if available)
  • Arrow keys also work!
  • Space - Restart Level

Mobile Controls (Experimental)

  • Tap bottom left of screen - Flip left
  • Tap bottom right of screen - Flip right
  • Tap bottom center of screen - Backflip (if available)

Trijam #149

This is my submission to Trijam #149. The goal is to create a game in 3 hours. My final development time was 3:45. I went over but it was worth it! I hope you enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it.


I streamed the majority of the development for this game. You can watch the streams here: Captain Coder Live

The source code is also available here: github.com/jcollard/trijam-149



FlippinQuickWindows.zip 35 MB


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Just found out, that you also stream! Great idea, nice to see the story behind. Makes it much more personal.

Yeah! More of a dev log for myself more than anything. The plan is to go back and make some “How to” videos at some point :P

Haha, love the skeletons: Idea, sound and look! Flippin' nice work!

Thank you so much for playing. I had a flippin’ good time making it. I almost didn’t participate in Trijam #149, I was feeling a little burnt out. I’m glad I made myself work on it :)

Great job in the time spent! Nice music too

Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Wish I could take credit for the music. The entire sound track was written by 3xBlast