Warning! Warning! Warning! Your ship's power core is malfunctioning causing each of the systems to reboot. To make matters worse, you're headed right into enemy territory.

This game was made by jocolloman and lazydevtom for Trijam #148. The theme was "Inconvenient Super Powers".

  • jocolloman's time: 3:25
  • lazydevtom's time: 2:00

Game Play

Arrow Keys or W-A-S-D: Move your ship

Space Bar / Mouse Click: Fire Laser or use Bomb

Your ship's powers keep rebooting... how inconvenient! Blow up and dodge enemies for as long as possible! Good luck!


Source Code

The programming of this project was live streamed. You can watch the videos here: LINK

The source code for this project is available on GitHub: LINK


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Thanks for playing! :)