NoMess is an addictive game of thinking and luck!

How to Play

The objective of NoMess is to make horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines of at least 5 identical pieces. When you form a line, all of those pieces will be removed from the board.

Select a piece to move it to a new position. A piece can be moved to any empty space that is reachable by horizontal or vertical steps (no diagonal movement).

After each move, if no pieces were cleared, the pieces listed under "Next" will be placed on the board. Pieces that were placed on the last move are highlighted in Red.

Best of luck!

About the Project

This project is a prototype I created to explore if this game would make a suitable project for a programming project. Implementing this game is a fantastic way to practice using two dimensional arrays, implementing a flood fill, and writing nested loops.

Much of this project was created LIVE on twitch! If you want to see more projects like this being created, or you just want to pop in and say hello, drop by the stream: or join our Discord:

The Original Game

This is a clone of the original game, which was made by MapleTop Software for the PalmOS. You can play the original on here:

Source Code

Source Code:

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