A Geomancer's Tale

A village of Geomancers live in the cold mountains to the north. The ability to harness the power of the elements is not easy and its secrets are kept amongst them. When a member of their group reaches the age of 16, they must begin their journey to learn these secret ways. It is Ukia's 16th birthday and they must now complete their first trial.


When the game starts, you do not have the powers of a Geomancer.

  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Move
  • Left Mouse Button or Space - Attack

After you finish the first trial, you can absorb powers by walking next to walls.

  • Right Mouse Button or E - Absorb Elemental Powers

Bored Pixels Jam

Thank you for playing our entry in Bored Pixels Jam #9! We had a great time building Ukia and learning along the way. We hope you enjoy it!


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